Good leadership requires tapping into two different forces, structure, and attunement, that will need to be flexed as situations and relationships demand. Leadership is inherently unbalanced and requires the leader to be able to flex between these two forces. In this episode, we talk about the structural side of leadership.

 Structural Side 7 Takeaways

  1. Your ability to set the structure and get more from people is rooted in who you are as a person and not just what you do as an occupation. Your relationships and worldview are important aspects of your leadership.
  2. As a leader, you have permission to push. People are often capable of more than they realize they need someone to help them get the most out of their gifts and talents.
  3. As a leader, you model structure and growth by your personal example.
  4. Your passion for growth is contagious for those who follow you.
  5. Your integrity is vital to your role. Mean what you say and follow through on what you say.
  6. Leaders must pursue justice. Your followers must know that you care about equality and fairness if you are going to get the most out of them.
  7. Your leadership must be adaptive. To get the most in each moment and with each person requires real-time assessment and adaptation.

 Thank you for listening. We hope this experience helps you push the leading edge in your work to help people connect with themselves and with each other. 

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