In this episode we discuss the importance of a leader being able to go back and forth between the two motivational forces. Leadership requires constant attunement as leaders 


  1. Structure


  • How clear your team is a direct reflection of the leadership. Does everyone know their seat on the bus? Clarity creates safety.


  • Do people know what, why, and how of their role and how their role matters to the mission of the organization?
  • How organized is your team?
  • You become a reactive leader when there isn’t clarity and cohesion. Reactive leaders are unsafe and their effectiveness in their organization drops.
  • Written mission statements are good, but it is more powerful when the leader lives out the mission (a living demonstration).
  • A question to assess cohesion and clarity-“If the leader was removed could the mission continue, or would it come to a grinding halt?”
  • You are the mission statement as a leader what does your energy dictate?

Challenge: The Push

  • See people’s potential and speak that over them.
  • You have to embody this in your own life and ask, “Am I growing as a leader?”
  • Is there a path for your people to grow?
  • People are not primarily motivated by money.
  1. Attunement


  • An attuned leader can repair when there is disruption.
  • Safety is created in organizations when there can be repair after a disruption.
  • It’s dangerous when you are not aware of your mistakes and/or you are not repairing.
  • The problem is when you leave things in a state of disruption, this is not leadership.


  • 5 points of attunement for every 1 point of coaching or correction. (if already healthy)
  • If your team is unhealthy or in some way losing/under distress the ratio goes to 15:1.
  • Attuning to anything that helps them feel honored, appreciated, or encouraged.
  • Where is your ratio with the people who report to you?
  • You don’t have to be touchy-feely, you just have to care about them as people, and convey that you care in a manner genuine to you.

Rigidity: Why are doing what you are doing most of the time?

  • What are you consistently doing as a leader? Why are you doing this?
  • Are you being rigid or flexible (structure & attunement) in your role as a leader?
  • The definition of a secure leader is a leader who is able to be flexible between these two motivational forces. Unhealth is being rigid when off balance.
  • What is my leadership founded on? What motivates me?

 Practical Challenge

  • Have a weekly evaluation of how you are doing with your ratios as a leader. Get 2-3 other people to give you their opinions.
  • Think about, “What’s it like to be on the receiving end of me? What would it be like to follow me?”
  • How connected you are with yourself is the best predictor of your adaptability between these two forces (structure & attunement). Ask yourself, “How connected am I with myself (faith, family, values, community)?”

 Thank you for listening. We hope this experience helps you push the leading edge in your work to help people connect with themselves and with each other. 

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